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Protect your business in high risk situations

EDD reports enhance your knowledge on particular customers, suppliers and third-parties so that you are able to determine the level of risk you are willing to take in doing business with them.

One product, various use cases

Our EDD reports can be used to comply with AML, corruption and anti-bribery regulations and can also be used ahead of a merger or joint venture.

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What is Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)?

Creating business relationships with individuals or companies without thoroughly understanding their past, and current business has the potential of exposing your organisation to regulatory fines and lawsuits. However, accessing accurate information about compliance on the web is not always free and in most cases, the information is hard to find.

Enhanced Customer Due Diligence referred to in the industry as ECDD or EDD, should be included in a reporting entities AML/CTF program and it should state the actions that the entity will take when the risk of being involved in money laundering or terrorism financing is high. EDD involves making extra checks on a customer's identification, collecting additional information and performing further verification, which will help you to determine whether a suspicious matter should be reported.

Why do you need EDD?

High risk of being exposed to criminal exploitation

Carrying out EDD plays an important role in detecting and preventing money laundering and terrorism financing and also protects a business from being exposed to criminal activity.

A customer's suspicious activity or behaviour may lead you to make a suspicious matter report (SMR)

Suspicious customer behaviour

Having Politically Exposed Person (PEP) customers

If the service you are providing is going to be used for or by a customer who is a Politically Exposed Person, then an EDD will need to be performed to assess the level of risk associated with you offering them your service.

Light Report (Individuals)

3 Days to Generate Actual Report

  • Personal Identifiers
  • Personal Background
  • Source of Wealth
  • Personal & Business Associations
  • Potential Risk Factors

Comprehensive Report (Individuals)

8 Days to Generate Actual Report

  • Occupation and Business Background
  • Corporate Interests
  • Jurisdiction Risk - Country Report
  • Jurisdiction Risk Matrix
  • Highlights & Risk Matrix
  • Relationship Map

Comprehensive Report (Business)

11 Days to Generate Actual Report

  • Corporate Identifiers
  • Company Directors and Ultimate
  • Beneficial Owner/s
  • UBO Source of Wealth
  • Subsidiaries & Related Entities

Download samples reports to decide the level of investigation that you would like performed on your client.